Portfolio - Novatek NewVistas Project

NewVistas Project

The NewVistas Project is the "Apollo project" of Novatek, Inc., a privately-held engineering research and development company in Provo, Utah. Like NASA's Apollo program, technologies and innovations developed for the NewVistas program drive advances in Novatek's portfolio of intellectual property.

For 14 months between 2010 and 2011, I served as the Research Manager on the NewVistas project. Working under the direction of the company president and the NewVistas project director, I hired and trained a research team of 25 engineering student interns. Together with Novatek's engineers and a number of outside consultants, we researched and outlined the technologies and methods needed to build a NewVistas community. As part of this project, we performed extensive research on existing intellectual properties, identifying and outlining Novatek's freedom to develop various key technology areas.

The NewVistas project is inspired by a community plat concept originally conceived in the 1830's, which became the basic outline for hundreds of communities throughout the intermountain west. The plat was so visionary that its most important benefits weren't achievable without modern building, agricultural and energy technologies. NewVistas plans to use this concept to develop a complete physical, technological and economic model for a self-sufficient, sustainable and massively scalable community of 20,000 people.

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Recommendations from Novatek Staff

Carl Belliston, JD, PhD. Director, NewVistas Project
Immediate Supervisor

"It has been a joy working with David. He is intelligent, creative, and resourceful. He has good judgment and integrity. His varied professional background has given him the ability to solve problems and to oversee and manage complex processes successfully. Great team player who exerts leadership to get things done."
January 30, 2011


Perry Colton, MBA, CPA. Project Manager, Novatek Business Development

"David has proven to be a capable researcher and manager of his research staff. Additionally, he is an excellent contributor in conceptualization exercises by providing legal expertise as well as programming guidance on complex projects. He is a valuable resource and a dependable leader. Perry Colton, MBA, CPA..."
February 16, 2011


Arik Farsnworth, EIT. Engineering Intern/Graphics, Novatek
Direct Report

"David is a personable, hard-working, and productive manager, and he is likely the best supervisor I've ever had. His management style has been a source of confidence for me in my own tasks, which has caused me to be more productive. David gives useful, timely, and meaningful feedback that helps all of his employees to stay on task and not lose sight of the target. Because he's been my supervisor, I've appreciated that he is also very approachable. Working under David has been very rewarding for me so I am pleased to endorse him in his future employment endeavors."
January 27, 2011


Brianna Ovuoba, EIT. Engineering Research Intern, Novatek
Direct Report

"David is an employee-oriented manager. He would assign tasks, always ensuring it was something the employee was interested in. This attitude, and his willingness to listen to employees created a productive, enjoyable atmosphere. I enjoyed working for him very much and felt valued as an employee, which in turn made me a more valuable employee because I worked harder and more efficiently. He is personable, responsible, intelligent, and I had a great experience with him."
March 10, 2011


Project Details:

  • Plan a sustainable community
  • Develop new intellectual property
  • Identify applicable existing technologies
  • Develop an economic system facilitated by the community's physical layout