Portfolio - Free Chapter 7 Means Test


Built to teach myself web design, this site is an online version of an extremely complicated financial analysis form required in bankruptcy filings. The CSS design is original, and the site was built in Dreamweaver and incorporates AJAX Javascript, PHP and MySQL.

Using means test data from the US Department of Justice, Office of the United States Trustee and the Internal Revenue Service, the form uses information the site visitor provides about residence location, family size, income and expenses to determine whether or not the person "passes" the bankruptcy means test.

Data is pulled using AJAX from MySQL tables containing median income and expense information for every county in the U.S., and calculations are made using Javascript.

The site uses SEO to attract visitors and drives advertising through sponsors and Google AdWords.

Please visit FreeChapter7MeansTest.com.

Website Details:

  • Marketing site
  • Site Based on Official Bankruptcy Form B22A
  • Drives business to Sponsors and PPC advertisers
  • Design based on original CSS
  • Incorporates Javascript, AJAX, PHP, MYSQL